Upe is a wooden educational contruction game that helps children learn to read, write and count by constructing the letters and numbers from pre-cut shapes. By recognizing the main shapes of the letters and numbers, and constructing them himself/herself, a child is encouraged to experiment with different possible typefaces. These shapes can also be used to create roads, bridges, castles, cartoon characters or anything else that one can imagine.


Large Bag contains 95 wooden pieces for one to play with.

Upe - educational wooden construction toy (Large Bag)

€90.00 Regular Price
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  • Large Bag contains 95 wooden pieces for one to build with.

    Small bag (57 pieces) is available here.


    Materials: Birch wood (toy pieces), Linen (packaging)

    This toy is NOT safe for children under 3-year-old, as the set contains small parts that might cause choking if consumed.

    Do not wash, bleach, burn or cut any pats of the product, including packaging, as this might change the specifications of the product.

    Wooden parts of the toy may be coloured with child-safe paint or pencils, but doing so will void any possible warranty.

    Disclaimer: The purpose of this product is to construct and build shapes and objects by placing the wooden parts together - next to each other or on top of each other. A textile bag with a rope (included with this product) is meant to be used as a packaging for the wooden pieces. The manufacturer and/or designer and/or seller of this product can not be held accountable if the product or it's packaging is used in any other way than mentioned above.

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